Κωδικός: 13.00.2344696
MPN: GT-903
Κατασκευαστής: XTRIKE-ME
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Αποστολή σε 3 εργάσιμες ημέρες


Αποστολή σε 3 εργάσιμες ημέρες

Product Craft: ABS plastic + sucker   Buttons: racing wheel 16D, foot pedal 2D  USB  Cable:  racing wheel 1.9m leather cable, foot pedal 1.4m leather  cable  Product Size: racing wheel 22 x 27 x 23 CM, pedal  21*20*13CM  Foot Pedal: brake + throttle   Programmable buttons: brake +  throttle Compatible Platforms: PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX  360, Switch: Android and PC   Vibration: Yes  Steering Angle: 180°   Voltage and Current: 100mA  Connect:  USB connector for racing wheel & foot pedal   Feautres Wired PS4/PS3/XBOX One/XBOX  360/Switch/Android/PC 7-in-1 racing wheel, suitable for multi-platofrms  4  axes, D-pad and 12 independent control buttons are available to win easier   Built-in motor creates vibration feedback effort for more realistic and  lifelike game play  With programmable function for GAS/brake key on the foot  pedal and forward/back of gear shift, provides immersed real racing experience   Plug & play spring loaded acceleration and brake control pedal, easy to  operate for all consumers  Antiskid wheel design for better gaming  experience

Κωδικός προϊόντος: XT-GP903 Κατηγορία: